Our Story

There’s something special about rolling up your sleeves and getting “Back-to-Basics.” At PCS Distilling Company's facility, we do just that; combining the finest ingredients in our recipes with hands-on, devoted attention to every step of the distilling process. Every batch is small-batch, made right here in our downtown Louisville location.

We appreciate you finding us. We're a new kind of Craft Distillery that does so much more than bourbon. Our Nulu™ Reposado is just the beginning: 100% Blue Agave Spirit imported from Mexico then aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. “Born in Mexico and Raised in Kentucky!”

Our award-winning hand-crafted spirits are also filtered multiple times while retaining the essence of what has made Kentucky Bourbons so special for years: Kentucky alkaline limestone waters. The result? Spirits so pure with a taste so special, you might just leave the mixers on the shelf!

We have been featured in Whiskey Network. You can read the interview here.

Keith Hazelbaker

Founder & President

Keith founded Prohibition Craft Spirits in 2016. To say he is passionate about Prohibition is an understatement — it’s what he lives for. Fittingly, his preferred spirit is the NULU Reposado, PCS Distilling Co’s flagship spirit. Not many people get to do what they love, but Keith does. It’s that enthusiasm that drives him as the leader of the whole Prohibition team.

Carson Hazelbaker


Carson joined the PCS team at its founding in 2016, alongside his father, Keith. What he likes most about Louisville is that it contains the “perfect meld of city & suburb.” Working as a part of the PCS team suits him well. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, live music, & his wife.

Harrison Hyden

Master Distiller

Harrison has been with PCS since before its founding. Born & raised in Louisville, he is in the perfect place to enjoy his passions — nature & micro-distilling. He loves all things outdoors, which explains why the 14 botanicals in our Highlands Gin make it his favorite spirit. His skill & experience are the lifeblood of the craft spirits we offer, & we are so thankful for him.

Paul McMillion

Director of Operations

Paul has been the Director of Operations since 2018. Although he joined the Louisville community fairly recently, he already loves the atmosphere and “small-town feel” of this city. In true Louisville fashion, he loves the restaurant scene, music, & wine. His affection for this area & the culture makes perfect sense with his favorite of our spirits: the NULU Reposado. We love what he brings to the team!

Mike White

"Though we landed on "Logistical Engineer", it is hard to put a single label on Moonshine Mike. He is a Marine. Electrician. Builder. Plumber. Still technician. The list goes on. When it comes down to it, Mike is the backbone of PCS™. He builds anything necessary, and if it's broken, Mike is going to be the one to fix it. When we first took over what is now our beautiful facility, it looked nothing like it does now. Our actually distillery was no where near ready for licensing and making alcohol. Mike White changed all of that. Literally every structure, every functioning mechanism, and everything that is aesthetically pleasing would not be here without Mike. And if you couldn't tell from his nickname, he's a fan of the good ole white lightning."