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Experience The History

There’s something special about rolling up your sleeves and getting “Back-to-Basics”. And at PCS Distilling Company’s facility, we do just that; combining the finest ingredients in our recipes with hands-on, devoted attention to every step of the distilling process. Every batch is small batch, made right here in our downtown Louisville location. We appreciate you finding us; We’re a new kind of Kentucky Craft Distillery that does so much more than bourbon. Our Nulu™ Reposado is just the beginning;100% Blue Agave Spirit imported from Mexico, then aged in KY Bourbon Barrels. “Born in Mexico and Raised in Kentucky!” Our award-winning hand-crafted spirits are also filtered multiple times while retaining the essence of what has made Kentucky Bourbons so special for years; Kentucky’s alkaline limestone waters. The result? Spirits so pure with a taste so special, you might just leave the mixers on the shelf! Prohibition Craft Spirits. Kentucky Distilled Spirits. The Craft Way.

Keith Hazelbaker headshot

Keith Hazelbaker


Keith is the founder of PCS Distilling Co. The parent company of Prohibition Craft Spirits and Prohibition Bar at Irish Hill our Prohibition Bar right next door.” His drive to always be better and do more is the fire under everyone at PCS and keeps everyone on their toes. He wanted to bring craft distilling to downtown Louisville. Keith believes that doing something great is more than just having an idea; It’s a decision to wake up every day and put it into action!

Carson Hazelbaker headshot

Carson Hazelbaker


Carson wears so many hats at PCS that we’re not sure if he should sport a newsboy cap or fedora — or both! He has always had a passion for the chemistry of harnessing alcohol, particularly from home brewing in his early 20’s. Carson has a hand in our production, inventory, promotions special cocktail creations and all things IT. “With a spirits market that has become overpowered with Grain Neutral and Blend driven spirits, we wanted to bring back the attention to detail and the superior quality that can only come from the raw process of distillation. From mash to bottle, PCS is 100% handcrafted. Every batch is small, made from locally sourced fermentable materials and yeast, and attention to detail every step of the way. Kentucky Distilled Spirits. The Craft Way.”

Harrison Hyden Headshot

Harrison Hyden


Nothing gets into a bottle unless Harry approves it! The PCS team is proud to let Harry’s creativity shine in crafting the profiles and flavors of every spirit. With a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology a stint at Moonshine University and his own still, he was ready for the complexities of distilling. He’s also the creative genius behind our tour!

Mike White headshot

Mike White


Our beautiful distillery and facility would not be possible without Mike White. Mike is a Marine Veteran with vast talents and skills in the building industry. He has truly played a much appreciated and integral part in nearly every surface you see throughout our distillery, gift shop, tour area and three bars!