The Craft Way

Every spirit we create is hand-tended with meticulous attention to detail in small batches of 53 gallons. It allows us to bring out the desired flavors, cut out batch multiple times, and make changes as necessary to aspire to near-perfection. Guests can experience our creations from distillation to bottle to glass, as all our operations take place at our Baxter Avenue Facility. We hope locals from Kentucky and Indiana especially appreciate the names we chose for the release of our Louisville neighborhoods.

“You can put a personal touch to distilling from the ingredients you choose all the way down to the kind of water you use” – Harrison Hyden, Master Distiller

NULU™ Single Barrel: Barrel Proof Bourbon

We bring you these carefully selected barrels of MGP Bourbon uncut and unfiltered while our own distillate rests. Every barrel is different and each one of our straight bourbon whiskey barrels will be unique and flavorful.

Baxters Rum

The Caribbean Islands created rum in the 17th century. Combining the best blackstrap molasses and cane sugar with Kentucky’s limestone water creates a deep, rich flavor with warm notes of caramel and vanilla that shine through.

Phoenix Hill Vodka

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past and represents the victory of life. Like the phoenix, our Vodka arose from the flames to superior quality and taste. We mix cane sugar, pure limestone water, Kentucky sourced yeast, and a hint of lemon citrus to make this pure tasting vodka. With more personality than many vodkas found on the market, Phoenix Hill was also given a gold medal. It can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone spirit. Phoenix Hill is filtered 8 times with a hint of citrus, velvety smooth. Try it solo. We’re confident you’ll be delightfully surprised.

Highlands Gin

The main ingredient, the juniper berry, is primarily grown in the highlands of Scotland. We mix juniper, coriander, peppercorn, orris, Tangelo, and 9 more botanical ingredients that all contribute to a collective flavor of our awesome gin. With a softer juniper berry flavor than what is usually associated with gin, you’ll enjoy it on the rocks or mixed. This carefully crafted recipe earned a Gold Medal in its very first release!

NULU Reposado

"Born in Mexico, Raised in Kentucky!” as we like to say, this better-than-tequila Reposado is 100% Blue Agave brought across the border from Jalisco into the United States then aged in Bourbon barrels. We jumped through regulatory hoops thrown at us from two countries for nearly two years to bring the Agave Spirit home to Louisville. You’ll discover that NULU™ has more life and depth-of-character after resting happily in bourbon barrels than in its original form. We thought the name was perfectly suited for a spirit that was so unique and new to Kentucky that it should be named after “New Louisville” AKA “NULU™”.

Find it in Louisville

We’re honored to share all that makes up Prohibition Craft Spirits, including the tour and tasting room, gift shop, and our craft bar next door, Prohibition Craft Spirits Bar. PCS is “Kentucky Proud,” partnering with local purveyors and supporting other small businesses in our area! We hope you stop by soon and see why we have chosen The Craft Way.

Where To Buy

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